Guns and your Insurance

Posted on February 4th, 2016


Guns all have their importance in our society whether we all agree with that statement or not. Police carry guns to protect themselves, civilians, and people’s assets. Soldiers carry guns to protect their loved ones, you, and our freedom. People use guns to protect their homes, their animals, and live off the land. Guns have a role in our society, and whether we like it or not, they probably will never be eradicated from our nation because for some it is just a weapon but for others it is a way of life. It is their means to living. But there are precautions to be taken in place to protect against the harm that guns can bestow on ones life starting with insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

Your homeowners insurance should cover your gun like it would all your other property items. Insurance normally limits it to a $2,500 cap off. This means they will not insure any weapons after you reach over the $2,500 dollar limit. You should however make sure you include your gun on your insurance. Guns are very valuable and precious items. Like the old say goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Do not avoid insuring your gun in fear that your homeowners insurance premium will increase. It most likely will not. Many insurers will not even ask if you own a gun. Owning a gun requires responsibility, and that does start with your homeowners insurance. The insurance will cover the gun in cases of theft, and letting your insurance company know you have a gun will help avoid any messy situations in the future. Your home insurance will also cover your gun if there is ever an accidental discharge that causes injury or death. They will treat it like any other accident and not blame it simply because you have a gun.


It is wise to consider a rider insurance for your guns if you max out that cap amount on your insurance. Guns can add up pretty quickly. Handguns are a couple hundred of bucks, and then you have rifles, assault weapons, and sniper rifles. They can easily knock out your homeowners insurance with a gun or two. If you know your gun collection is close or is maxing out your cap, you should consider buy a rider coverage. Rider coverage is cover you tack onto your homeowners insurance. It allows you to extend the amount of money to cover your guns with. You can easily add a collection of guns under this policy and not worry about the weapons being rejected for capsizing.

1911 handgun

1911 handgun

Firearm Insurance

If you are looking a specialized insurance for your guns, then we recommend finding someone who offers Firearm Insurance. They will cover everything that is under the gun such as cases, extensions, accessories, the works. Rather than focusing only on your weapon, they will be able to cover everything that goes with your gun. The plus side of having a policy away from your homeowners insurance is the avoidance of claims. If you had to make a claim due to your firearm, your homeowners insurance would surely go up or drop you, but if you have a separate policy, nothing will most likely happen. The specialized insurance will have a plan already set in place for this type of situation especially if since they are specialized in this field.

For now, your homeowners insurance does not raise your premium if you own a gun. Your insurance will cover your weapons for a cap amount. They may not understand guns all that well though, and if you end up making a claim, you can expect an increase in your insurance. If you have a gun, you should get it covered today. Do not hide it from your company. Let them know, so they can help you find the proper insurance to cover your guns.