Homeowners Insurance: Don’t Settle

Posted on December 18th, 2015

It is easy to make quick decisions over products when all we care about is the best product for the lowest price, but when it comes to the place you live, you should invest more time into who is protecting it. Homeowners Insurance is not something to just pick the lowest price over. It is one of those products where the more money you invest generally the better service you will receive, but there are several reason you should not settle and should shop around.

Know what you want

We often walk in somewhere knowing exactly what we want and what we expect, but do we really know what we want all the time? It is easy to get stuck in a mind set, and shopping around for policies on homeowners insurance will help open your eyes to what all is offered. Slowly, you will begin to piece together the policies and really figure out what you want in a policy. You will learn what really will benefit you and your lifestyle the best. It will also help figure out what is out there. This also means you should call the company. You need to know what their policy covers and does not cover. There is no point at looking at a company with a policy that does not have one matching your lifestyle. This all will help you save money in the long-run.


You SHOULD look at the basic pricing. Each company will have a different price even though they are offering the same thing sometimes. Start by creating a budget for Insurance. Then figure out which companies offer plans which will fit within your budget. Take the time figuring out whether or not the plan is really worth the price. No one wants to pay for something that is less than what should be offered.

save money

Research the Agent(cies)

This is a huge factor in deciding who to get a policies through. Zillow.com talks about, in their guide on Homeowner insurance, researching companies and found reviews with vastly different results. One customer talked about her agent walking into their laundry room and not only told her that it would be cover, the agent wrote a check on the spot for the costs of repair. Is that not fantastic service?! The compared review was another customer at a different company reviewing the adjuster who was simply rude and took forever to get a check from them. KNOW your agent before you sign up! An agent that will not sit down and work with you is not worth the cheaper price. You are simply trading money for time, and your time is much more valuable than the 20 dollars you are saving. Reading reviews will help you make the decision with this. The reviews will generally tell you what you need to know about a company. Take the extra time and read the reviews. You will never regret it.

Your home is not something to just pick the best pricing on. It is where you live. It is where you keep your family safe. It is where you live, laugh, and love. It is your home. Does that not make it even more precious? Take the time to invest in a good homeowners insurance. The damage a tragic event may bring to your home can be major. You will want to put the best insurance you can so that the damage is less traumatic at the end of the day. Take the time to investigate and find the best homeowners insurance that will protect what is precious to you.