6 Strange Things Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Posted on April 26th, 2016

Even though you’re paying for homeowners insurance you probably hoping to never have to use it. We know the typical things covered by homeowners insurance: structure of the home, personal belongings, liability protection, additional living expenses, and the list goes on. Your insurance policy might cover more than you think!


Believe it or not, rare moments like your neighbor’s herd of goats stampeding to your house and wreaking havoc can be covered for damages. That is, provided that those animals weren’t yours. Also, stampeding animals must be non-domesticated which includes goats, horses, and cows. These unfortunate events are covered when they are unintentional, but make sure you create your own ways of preventing them. Your homeowners insurance company would surely pay for any damage done in this situation, but be sure to make those adjustments so that you can prevent future damage to your home.

Eaten Jewelry

Household pets are typically eliminated from homeowners insurance policies. However, there has been a case involving lost jewelry that was allegedly eaten by a dog. The company reluctantly paid for the jewelry’s amount – although it was still questionable whether or not it’s really inside the canine’s stomach.

Plane Crash

It’s a very rare occurrence – but in the event that they do, damages done by private planes crashing into a residence is covered by homeowners insurance. You are also covered in the most unfortunate case that a space craft makes direct contact with your home.


Despite the fact it’s a long shot that we’ll have aliens visiting to our hometowns anytime soon, you might be surprised to hear that if an alien comes crashes through your roof, you won’t have to worry about repair fees. According to the verbiage in insurance policies, space debris is typically covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy. So if your house gets hit by a meteor, satellite, or falling plane part you will potentially be covered.


If you are planning to walk down the aisle in your backyard, but a teeming storm or tornado ruptures through on your special day- all may not be lost. The costs related to the relocating of the proceeding may be covered. Be sure to check your homeowners insurance policy attentively. If there are plans of having an open bar, that may put your coverage at risk, you might want to take into account adding a “special event” policy. Also, be sure to check that your liability limits are high enough.

Dog bites

Finally, if your dog bites someone, you’re probably covered by the liability portion of your homeowners insurance. With that said, a lot will depend on your insurer, as some eliminate coverage for dog breeds that are believed to be potentially dangerous, while others determine the risk based on a dog’s bite history. So before you bring the new fuzzy family member home, be sure to check your homeowners insurance policy.


If you have any further questions regarding your homeowners insurance policy, feel free to give us a call or talk to your agent!