Homeowner’s New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on December 31st, 2015

2015 has quickly come to an end, and with the end of the year comes the new years resolutions. Most people pick to exercise more or a way to improve themselves. Why not do some home resolutions? Some of them could save you money, or in the long run, make you money by increasing your house value!

1. Check Your Premium

It is always good to double check your insurance at the start of the new year. Find out if anything has changed with it. Double check that it is enough to replace or fix your home after an accident no matter what it is. If you were never sure in 2015 what your insurance covered, this is a great time to ask. Make sure you know what it does cover, and if you feel it is missing something, ask if there is an add-on or single premium to cover that accident such as flood insurance.

2. DeClutter!

They call it spring cleaning, but why does it have to be in spring? It doesn’t! Resolve to declutter your house. It will make your house appear bigger and help make it feel cleaner. This is an easy way to help you de-stress. You will feel better if your house is more open with less stuff. You can even donate clothes and toys to a charity or church that will give them to families in need! Then, you can feel even better for making a difference in someone else’s life!

3. Pay off Your Mortgage

One of the top resolutions for people to make every year is they will pay off their debt, but in today’s age because we have so much debt, we can get easily overwhelmed. We never say this year I am paying off this credit card and cutting it at the end. We just bunch everything together and say we are going to pay everything off this year. Do we really expect to make it all disappear in a year? Sit down and decide to just focus on your Mortgage. It is a single debt to focus all your extra money on. It may be big and overwhelming, but at least, you will be able to see progress made as you go. Plus, if you actually manage to pay it all off, you will make money off of your house if you ever sell! Then, maybe you will not have to owe anything on the next one- one can always hope.


4. Cut the costs

You can save on money this year with your home costs. Turn the lights off more. Use less water. Use the fireplace or a space heater to warm your home more than the furnace or fans to cool it in the summer. Find ways to cut some bucks off those home bills so you can enjoy the money later some where else. There are some ways to even cut some of the cost off of your premium such as installing a security system or motion activated porch lights. They will shave some dollars off your insurance bill. No one can say no to that!

5. Make Improvements

Quit putting off the home improvement projects! Realty is a huge investment that does not necessarily degrade as time passes. Houses are an easy way to make money over time. Every improvement you do in the house can increase the value of the house. You want the projects done. Quit thinking of it as a luxury option. Think of it as an investment to a house you do not have to modify or simply a house you will not need to fix up. Every dollar put in could be $100 you get back. Increase your home value you and improve today!

There are a multitude of resolutions you could make for your home for the next year. These are our top 5 suggestions for the next year. They are some pretty big resolutions that everyone wants to do but never does. So jump ahead of everyone and tackle these big things in the next year. When 2016 is about to end, you can spend the night celebrating how much you have improved your life for 2017! If you would like to check out some more, here is a top ten list from a home improvement site.

We wish you a Happy New Year and a year of blessings ahead!