Homeowner’s Insurance: Dealing with Robbery

Posted on April 6th, 2016


Bam! The sound reverberates around the house, waking you. It could be just the house settling. It’s probably just the wind, but the thought is still in the back of your mind. What if someone just broke into your house? What if you get robbed? Are you safe? Even if you and your family are safe, what happens if the robber steals some of your valuables?  Are they covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy?

A standard homeowner’s insurance policy will usually cover most of the items in your home up to your coverage limit. What is a coverage limit? The coverage limit is basically a deductible. If your loss is not higher than the coverage limit on your policy, the items will not be replaced. For example, if your homeowner’s insurance coverage limit was five hundred dollars, if all your losses added up was below that five hundred dollars, your items would not be covered.

Another issue is making sure your items are catalogued, so your homeowner’s insurance company knows what items were stolen and estimate their value. If you cannot remember what you had before the thief came, or you don’t notice something is missing, when talking with your homeowner’s insurance company, it is much harder to get that item covered.

Robbery is not common in most neighborhoods, but that does not mean it can’t happen. Robbery is most likely to happen during the summer months. Not only is it warmer out, but many families are able to go on vacation, leaving behind an empty house. If you do go on vacation, be sure to let a trusted neighbor know, so that they are able to watch your house while you are away. Burglars tend to attempt to rob places when they think no one is in the home. Robbers prefer not to run into their victims as much as the victims probably prefer not to run into a thief at night. Robbers also tend to check common places for money or valuables.

The chances of your home getting robbed can be lowered with a few of these steps. Often, robbers tend to stay away from homes that take simple precautions. Making sure to always lock your door, and securing windows with locks will often deter thieves. Having a home security system is one of the best precautions you can take. Having home security can also reduce the cost of homeowner’s insurance.  Adding lighting, and keeping at least one light on when away also deters some thieves. Lighting has an added bonus of making it easier to spot thieves attempting to break into your home. One very interesting tip is to find a way to keep used boxes out of sight of people who may pass by. Seeing an empty box that contained an expensive item gives a thief more incentive to rob your home. Finding a way to either destroy or recycle your boxes or product wrappings without letting others know what products are in your house can help prevent a robbery before it was even thought of.

It is important to be prepared should a robbery actually happen. Not knowing what your homeowner’s insurance policy covers, or what items you have in your home can make it much more difficult to get insured. To make sure your home is protected from robbery, contact us if you have any other questions or concerns about your home’s safety or homeowner’s insurance.