Insuring your Garage

Posted on February 1st, 2016

Garage Insurance

Is this a separate insurance from your homeowners Insurance? Does homeowners insurance cover your garage? Is it covered by auto insurance? All are valid questions. Many people do not know the answer either. The answer simply depends on your garage.


Attached garages are covered by your homeowners insurance. Most people do not properly insure them though. Whether you park the car in your garage or in the driveway, your garage is often full of some of your most valuable items. You may have a work shop out there. My guess is that work shop has a table saw ($300), Drill, bits, hammer, screw drives, pliars, and wrenches ($100+), sawhorses ($40), ladder ($75), jigsaw ($40), and the hundreds of dollars worth of other power tools you may have. You easily have $555 with those basic items and probably could add a fridge or freezer, sander, wood, pipes, and more. You will range into the thousands of dollars after a while. Theft, accidents, and many more are going to cover these items but only if you properly cover them. You should sit down and find out how much you have in your garage.

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Whether it is your car, your workshop, your man cave, or your home storage area, you most likely have thousands of dollars in your garage. When you submit the coverage of your home for your homeowners insurance that should include: Your houses value, ALL of your property- in the house, outside the house, along the house…all of it, and the garage’s value. This should cover your garage and everything in it from theft and accidents.



You will have to talk to your insurance company about whether your detached garage or shed are covered by insurance. Some insurance companies may include the structure part of your homeowners insurance. Other companies will consider it an secondary structure not associated with part of your dwellings and will not cover it. For the most part though, it should be covered by your insurance if it is a permanent fixture on your property. If you store anything in a shed that was delivered to your property and could be taken with you upon moving, it will most likely be considered an “other structure” an not covered by your insurance. You will need to inquire with your insurance agent what is the best option with them to insure the secondary structure.

Call your insurance company today and ask if you are properly insured today. Rest easier tonight knowing no matter what happens your home and garage are both safe from the harms of the outside world.