Auto Insurance: Hail Damage Coverage

Posted on May 5th, 2016

Each year, there is about a billion dollars in hail damage done in the United States. Damage has been done to crops, property, and automobiles. Last year in 2015 there were over five thousand major hail events recorded nationally. If one of these events were to happen in your area, do you know if your car is covered for hail damage? It all depends on the type of coverage you have selected on your auto insurance policy. Here are some things to talk to your auto insurance agent about to make sure you are covered for hail damage on your vehicle:


Needing comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy

If you park outdoors often and have a large hailstorm at least once a year, make sure you have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy. Not having this coverage will not allow you to be compensated from the damage done. Comprehensive coverage makes it so that you are covered for damages that happen to your vehicle other than collision with another driver. Hail is included in this type of coverage along with fire damage, vandalism, theft, and more. Not every policy includes comprehensive coverage, especially if you only purchase the minimum amount of auto insurance.


Glass coverage

In a hailstorm, not only will the roof and hood of your car be damaged, but oftentimes a windshield will crack or even shatter completely. As long as you have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy, auto glass should be covered. Be sure to read through your policy and talk to your agent to make certain it is covered.


The importance of repairing hail damage

Studies show that fifty to seventy percent of hail damages done on vehicles never get repaired. Most of the time fixing hail damage is pretty simple. If you have a professional do it, all they usually have to do is pop out the dents in the body and touch up some paint. If your auto insurance provider is covering the costs, why not get these simple repairs done? Getting the small dents popped out and the scratches touched up can help the resale value of your car. Taking the time to get this done can also take your car’s appraisal value from “poor” up to “fair.”


Indiana was in the top ten states for average claims loss from 2000-2013 with almost $150 million counted in loss. Talk to your auto insurance agent to make sure you have comprehensive coverage on your policy to cover hail damage. If you have any questions about this kind of coverage or hail damage to your vehicle, give us a call!