Auto Insurance and Rental Car Coverage

Posted on April 12th, 2016

Screech! The brakes of your car are screaming as your car slips and slides like a terrible amusement park ride through the glistening snow. You are unable to maintain control, careen off the edge of the road and straight into that ditch that has been beckoning every car that passed by during the snowstorm into its gaping maw.  You pull out your phone, and call up some help while you step out of your vehicle into the biting cold air. Not much more than a bruise and a couple of scratches for you. However, your car looks like it has more to worry about than a few bruises. Its run in with the ditch’s mouth has left the front end of your car looking like a mangled mess. Fortunately your auto insurance policy will cover the car. But what are you going to do while you wait for the repairs to finish? You only have one car, and your job is in the next town over! Your auto insurance company will surely help you get a rental car! Right?

Auto insurance policies are vital to a driver, to cover for an accident, or mistake that result in large damages. However, sometimes, certain things are not a part of the main policy. For many auto insurance agencies, coverage for a rental car during your car’s repair time is something you have to add to your main policy to receive the coverage for. It is important to know whether or not your rental car costs will be covered by your auto insurance policy should you end up in an accident, and it is very important if you only have access to one vehicle.  Finding out after your accident could leave you eating the entire cost of a rental car to get to work, and rental cars are not always cheap.


It is best therefore to make sure to have rental car coverage along with the rest of your policy. Call your auto insurance agent, and ask him or her whether rental car coverage is in your auto insurance policy. This way if you get in an accident, while your car is being repaired, you won’t be in a bind trying to find a way to work. Don’t get stranded at home without a vehicle, make sure you have rental car coverage in your auto insurance policy. Call us today to find out more about your policy and how we can help!