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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Indiana

In Fort Wayne, IN, you are technically not legally required to carry insurance on any boat or watercraft. But it is very difficult to get by without it.

Your main concern here is that almost any marina you can find in Indiana, they are going to require you to carry insurance if you want to use their facilities for any purposes. As you can imagine, it's not very easy to go boating if you don't have anywhere to dock or depart. You have to get into the water and out of the water somehow, and you probably don't want to simply beach your watercraft on dry land.

Beyond this consideration, there's also the simple fact that you probably don't want to go without insurance even if you can get away with it. Anything larger than an inflatable fishing raft is going to be difficult to replace out of pocket, and while boating accidents might not be quite as common as traffic accidents, they do happen, and repair costs can add up quickly. Not to mention, because we are not required to carry insurance on our boats, the odds of suffering damages at the hands of an uninsured boater are high. Put bluntly, a boat is a big investment. If you're not going to protect that investment, then it might not be a great idea to make the investment in the first place.

Fortunately, buying boat insurance in Fort Wayne, IN is easier than it used to be. Where it was once a long process of making individual calls to every insurance company in the book, today all you need to do is call Wise Insurance Agency or stop by their office and let them do the legwork.

Wise Insurance Agency will compare boat insurance providers from across Indiana to help you find the best deal for you. All you have to do is let them know what you're looking for and watch them do the rest.