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Renters Insurance in Indiana

Whether you own a home or rent one you need to insure your possessions from damage or theft. Wise Insurance Agency in Fort Wayne, IN has insurance solutions for renters that go beyond simply replacing things. Our coverage options offer peace of mind for a variety of situations.

Your landlord will carry insurance on the actual building you live in. But it is up to each individual renter in Indiana to protect what belongs to them.


The things inside your rental home are valuable. From electronics to appliances to clothing and jewelry, renter’s insurance protects you in case there's a break-in and things are stolen or something comes along that damages your possessions. Even if you don't think you what you own is worth a lot of money, take a quick inventory and you may be surprised at what it would cost you if you had to replace everything. Some renter's insurance policies also protect you if your things are stolen from somewhere other than where you live.

Living Expenses

If your apartment or rental home in Indiana is suddenly uninhabitable due to a covered loss, there are renter’s insurance options that pick up the cost of temporary housing and meals while you are away from home.


Renters insurance can cover you in case someone is hurt inside the property you are renting. This type of coverage covers your liability as well as the medical bills of someone who is injured. Sometimes renter’s insurance covers you if you unexpectedly damage someone else's property outside of your home.

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The insurance experts at Wise Insurance Agency in Fort Wayne, IN will customize a renter’s insurance policy that makes the most sense for your situation. We take into account the value of your belongings as well as the kind of deductible that you are comfortable with. Call our office today for a renter’s insurance solution.