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Condo Insurance in Indiana

Condominium owners in Indiana should take steps to protect their home and their belongings by purchasing condo insurance. Wise Insurance Agency in Fort Wayne, IN specializes in the unique insurance needs of condominium owners.

A condominium Homeowner's Association, or HOA, will purchase a master insurance policy on behalf of all the homeowners. But that policy only offers coverage for the physical structure and common areas like lawns, sidewalks, swimming pools, and tennis courts. Individual condo unit owners in Indiana need to purchase coverage for what's located inside their homes as well as for their possessions.

Condo Insurance Coverage

Condominium insurance policies provide coverage for things that are inside the unit. That includes permanent features like floors and cabinetry that could become damaged. It also includes the contents of the condominium like furniture, electronics, clothing and jewelry that could be damaged or stolen. An agent at Wise Insurance Agency will encourage you to inventory your possessions and calculate the value to help make the best choices in coverage.

Loss of use insurance is available for condo owners. If the home is damaged and becomes unlivable, insurance can cover the cost of living somewhere else while repairs are made.

Condo insurance can also protect owners from liability and medical costs if someone is injured inside their home. If a guest slips and falls on a walkway outside the building the HOA policy would handle that. But if that same person trips and falls inside a condo, the owner's policy comes into play.

Some types of condo insurance also include coverage for incidents that happen in other places away from the building.

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Contact an insurance expert at Wise Insurance Agency in Fort Wayne, IN to explore condo insurance coverage options. Condominium owners have unique insurance needs and we have solutions. And our quotes are always free.