Three home insurance add-on coverage options to consider

It’s important to be aware of and consider all of your coverage options before you purchase a home insurance policy in Ft. Wayne, IN. At The Wise Insurance Agency, we can help you find home insurance coverage to protect the investments you make in your home.

The following are three types of home insurance add-on coverage that you should be aware of when you purchase a policy.

Underground utility line coverage

A standard home insurance policy won’t necessarily cover you for damages to your utility lines. However, your sewer, water, electric, and gas lines could become damaged in a variety of ways. For instance, tree roots growing in a home’s yard can obstruct or break these utility lines. 

If you invest in underground utility line coverage, any resulting costs from these incidents will be covered. 

Sewage backup coverage

One of the most unpleasant problems to have to deal with in a home is a sewer line backup. Sewer line backups can be caused by heavy rains and lead to severe damage to a home’s walls, flooring, and other components. Add-on sewage backup coverage will pay for resulting expenses. 

Watercraft endorsement

Boat owners should be aware of watercraft endorsement options on their home insurance policies. A watercraft endorsement could provide coverage for small watercraft. This endorsement can provide coverage while a boat is both on land and in the water. 

Watercraft endorsements can often cover both collision damage expenses to the watercraft itself and liability costs the owner faces through watercraft operation. 

Learn more about home insurance coverage by contacting us at The Wise Insurance Agency. We’ll help you find the home insurance coverage you need in Ft. Wayne, IN.