What Will My Boat Insurance Policy Cover?

Boat insurance protects your investment and keeps you covered in case of an accident or disaster. Most boat insurance policies have an agreed value clause, which means that the company will only pay the current value of the boat if it’s damaged or stolen. Consult with Wise Insurance Agency in Ft. Wayne, IN for expert insurance advice.

Boat Insurance: What You Need To Know

Most boat insurance policies will offer some degree of protection against accidents and negligence, as well as weather conditions that could cause significant damage to your boat. Most policies come with a variety of standard and optional coverage options, so you can choose the levels of risk and coverage that are most appropriate for your situation. 

Boat insurance policies vary, but most will cover things like damage to the boat, medical bills from accidents on the water, and liability if someone is injured either on the boat or by it. Depending on your policy, you may also have coverage for things like ferrying services if your boat breaks down or emergency towing if you’re in a collision or run aground. 

You may also receive coverage for the cost of hiring a contractor if you sink or capsize your boat. Boat insurance policies can also offer protection against certain liabilities, such as passenger injuries. They may cover the cost of towing and storage if your boat becomes disabled due to mechanical issues, or medical bills if someone on board is injured due to negligence on the part of the boat’s captain. 

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What one provider considers “standard” coverage might be completely unnecessary for your situation. A different provider may consider essential coverage to be completely excessive for your situation. The best way to determine the right boat insurance policy is to shop around and ask questions. Contact us today at Wise Insurance Agency for inquiries in Ft. Wayne, IN.