Important Tips to Consider When Looking for Renter’s Insurance

Indiana is an ideal state to settle down in. It is a low-tax, low-crime rate, and scenic location with all the right amenities to build a home. If you are looking to come and study, work, or reside here, you want to consider covering your rented house and the property within with renters insurance. Wise Insurance Agency in Ft. Wayne, IN can provide you with expert insurance advice on this important coverage.

Is Renter’s Insurance Required?

No law specifically requires renters insurance, but your landlord may ask for it. Renters insurance is intended for residents planning to rent a home and covers what is inside the property, not the structure itself.

What Coverage Is Available Under Renter’s Insurance?

  • Personal property insurance: this covers the property inside your house from events such as water damage, theft, fire, vandalism, smoke, vehicular accidents, and other risks.
  • Third-party liability: This coverage caters to the cost should someone get injured on your property or should anyone listed on your cover cause damage to a neighbor.
  • Loss of use: should you be unable to access your home because of events such as fire, tornadoes, or any other natural disaster, this insurance cover will help you access accommodation, food, laundry, and other essential amenities.

How Much Does Renter’s Insurance Cost in Indiana?

Renter’s insurance is reasonably cost-effective, and it is often up to you to decide the level of coverage you need. The value will depend on the property within your home and what coverage is of utmost priority to you.

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Many landlords ask their renters for this insurance coverage as they may not be able to replace your property and valuables should anything happen. Please visit Wise Insurance Agency in Ft. Wayne, IN for more information about renter’s insurance.