4 Benefits of Condo Insurance

Condominiums are gaining popularity in the US as a means of acquiring shelter or investment. Regrettably, many Ft. Wayne, IN residents assume that purchasing condo insurance isn’t necessary because they have the condo association (COA) policy.

The master policy held by the condo association is not enough to guarantee maximum coverage for your condo. Therefore, buying condo insurance from Wise Insurance Agency is prudent to safeguard your assets and other areas of your life.

Here are the benefits of condo insurance:

Condo insurance safeguards you from lawsuits

Have you ever wondered what can transpire when a visitor is injured while residing on your property, and they sue you? Condo insurance caters to legal fees and other awarded damages to the third party if they file a case.

It covers your assets

Your COA policy covers your condo’s exterior. However, you are responsible for the damage to your assets and the condo’s interior. If you want to protect your furniture, electronics, and other assets, please invest in condo insurance.

It helps to cover medical expenses

What happens if your guests slip and break their legs while residing within your condominium complex? If any guest gets injured within your condominium, condo insurance caters to medical costs that might have been incurred. It also extends coverage to any injury inflicted by your pet or family member, irrespective of where that injury happens.

It provides loss-of-use coverage

What happens when your condominium gets damaged and becomes uninhabitable? Worry not because condo insurance caters to additional expenses, such as accommodation fees and food, while your condo is being repaired or rebuilt.

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