How Umbrella Insurance Works

Getting liability coverage is so important to protect yourself financially. People who own homes and vehicles generally have home and auto insurance policies. Each of these policies has some liability coverage that’s included.

Often, there isn’t much of this coverage. If you were to have a very serious accident, it could cost an enormous amount. If you don’t have enough liability coverage, this can spell financial disaster. Getting an umbrella insurance policy gives you much more of this coverage. When you want more liability coverage, contact us at Wise Insurance Agency in Ft. Wayne, IN about getting this insurance. 

Cost-Effective Liability Coverage

It’s possible to add more liability coverage onto your home and auto policies directly to be better covered. The problem with this is that it’s very expensive to do so, and you still may not have much extra coverage. When you get umbrella insurance, it adds to both of those policies at once, and it adds a huge amount of coverage. The very high maximum of these policies will give you peace of mind and protect you well against expensive accidents. 

Paying for Accidents

The liability coverage that you already have in your home and auto policies will pay out after an accident to pay for the bills of the other party. These policies can only pay up to their maximum payout, though. After that, there may be an overage left for you to pay. That’s where the umbrella policy steps in. It comes in and pays those overages to protect you financially. The coverage is generally enough to pay for even very serious accidents. You’ll know that you’re well-protected against accidents in your home and with your vehicle. 

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Insuring Older Cars In Comparison To Newer Cars

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to auto insurance is that newer cars are going to be more expensive to insure compared to older cars. Some older cars can be pricey to insure. If you are trying to insure an older car and it costs more than you expected, there are a couple of key reasons why this may be. Read along as we at Wise Insurance Agency, providing auto insurance to residents in the greater Ft. Wayne, IN area explain why.

Factors Behind Insuring An Older Car

Easier to Steal

One of the reasons why older cars may be pricier to insure is their increased vulnerability to theft. Older cars often lack the advanced security features that newer models have, making them easier targets for thieves. The higher risk of theft translates into higher insurance premiums, as insurance companies need to account for the potential losses associated with vehicle theft.

Lack of Safety Features

Another factor contributing to the higher insurance costs for older cars is the absence or limited availability of modern safety features. Newer vehicles come equipped with advanced safety technologies such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), lane departure warning systems, and collision avoidance systems. These features are designed to reduce the likelihood and severity of accidents. In contrast, older cars may lack such safety enhancements, making them more susceptible to accidents and higher insurance claims.

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If you are looking to insure any type of vehicle in the greater Ft. Wayne, IN region, the insurance agents at Wise Insurance Agency would love to help you find the best policy for your needs. Call us today to discuss your insurance needs and let us provide you with an estimate for auto insurance.

The difference between a condo master policy and a condo unit policy

When considering condo insurance from Wise Insurance Agency, it’s important to understand the differences between a condo master policy and a condo unit policy. A condo master policy is an insurance policy written for the whole condominium building or complex. This policy typically covers the common areas of the building such as lobbies, stairwells, hallways, and elevators against risks such as fire, theft, or liability claims here in the Ft. Wayne, IN area. 

A condo unit policy is insurance that provides coverage for a specific owner’s unit within the building complex. This policy typically covers the owner’s belongings inside their unit against risks such as fire, theft, or liability claims and also protects them from any damage to their walls, floors, or ceilings due to events outside of their control. 

The most important distinction between these two types of policies is that a condo master policy provides coverage for only what exists within the shared spaces of the condominium which is owned by all owners whereas a condo unit policy provides coverage for what belongs exclusively to each individual owner. 

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Understanding the difference between a condo master policy and a condo unit policy can help you make sure you are properly protected in case of any unfortunate circumstance. It is important to know exactly what type of coverage you need so that you can always be sure you will be taken care of in any situation.

For more information, give us at Wise Insurance Agency a call today. We are proud to serve the Ft. Wayne, IN area and would be happy to help you find the right type of policy for you, and one that meets both all of your needs and your budget.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Your home is probably one of the largest investments you will ever make, which means you will want to make sure it is properly protected financially with an adequate amount of home insurance. The agents at the Wise Insurance Agency serving the Ft. Wayne, IN area are ready to assist you with all of your home insurance needs.

Home insurance, which is commonly referred to as homeowner’s insurance, is a type of policy that will provide the financial protection for your home and personal belongings that you need in case something bad happens. A home insurance policy will cover damage to your house in several different scenarios. These include if your home suffers a fire, an act of vandalism, or it is destroyed or damaged by a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado. Your home insurance policy will also help you replace items that are lost due to a burglary or theft incident.

What Exactly Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance will help cover the costs of repairing or rebuilding your house if it is damaged by fire, wind, hail, or lightning. It can also cover outbuildings on your property, such as decks, sheds, and garages.

It will also cover your personal property, including your clothing, electronics, furniture, and appliances.  If someone is injured on your property, your home insurance policy can protect you if that person files a lawsuit against you for damages or injuries.

If you have to move from your home to another place while your house is being repaired, this part of your policy will help pay those living expenses.

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How Much Renters Insurance Do You Need?

Renting a house is far more convenient than renting an apartment. In general, you’ll have more room, fewer neighbors, and the freedom to entertain family and friends. However, renting a residence does not allow you to avoid renters insurance. Renters insurance does not cover the property owner, but it does cover you and your things. At Wise Insurance Agency we are proud to help citizens in Ft. Wayne, IN with all of their renter’s insurance needs. 

How Much Renters Insurance Do I Need?

Simply put, it depends on the belongings you’re insuring! 

Renters insurance, like homeowners insurance, comes in a variety of forms. One policy replaces your personal belongings based on fair market worth, whereas the second coverage replaces them based on replacement expenses. Although more expensive, getting a renters insurance policy based on replacement costs may be the best option if you merely want to replace belongings lost due to fire, theft, or other insured catastrophes. This keeps you from obtaining an indemnity cheque from your insurance carrier that is less than what you expected. 

How to Decide How Much Renters Insurance to Buy 

It is critical to understand how much coverage you would require when purchasing a renters insurance policy. Many financial companies estimate that you will need between $20,000 and $30,000 in coverage, although this varies on the value of the property in your home. The method outlined below will assist you in determining the worth of your personal goods. 

  • Make a list of everything you own, including your clothing. 
  • Determine the worth of each object. 
  • Add up the prices of everything you own and round up.  

With a real value assigned to your possessions, you can now obtain the necessary amount of renters insurance.  

Taking an inventory of your property may be laborious and time-consuming, but it is important in order to acquire the appropriate amount of insurance. Without this amount, you may purchase too much or too little, which might result in you having to pay out of pocket to replace your property in the long term.  

Wise Insurance Agency: Providing Renters Insurance You Can Trust

If you live in or around Ft. Wayne, IN and are renting a home or apartment, let us help you. No one likes to think about disasters striking but if something happened are you and your belongings protected? We can help with that. Give us a call today, and we can create a custom quote.  

Do I Need To Take a Motorcycle Safety Class?

Even if you have been driving a motorcycle for years, it is always important to stay fresh on road safety. Here at Wise Insurance Agency, serving Ft. Wayne, IN, and the surrounding areas,  we want to help bike owners make wise choices on the road.

Who Needs Motorcycle Safety Classes?

These types of safety classes are intended for people who have never driven a motorcycle and for people who have driven before but need a refresher. Driving a motorcycle is very different from driving other types of vehicles. The rules are slightly different for bikes. If you have never driven a motorcycle or if you are very new to driving one, you will definitely need to invest in a good, thorough motorcycle safety class. 

These types of classes are also a good idea for people who have experienced a bike wreck. 

Are Safety Classes Free?

Most safety classes are not free, but you can think of this as an investment into your future safety and well-being. In addition to this, taking a motorcycle safety class will decrease your chances of being in an accident. The fewer accidents you are involved in, the better insurance rates you will qualify for. 

Some insurance policies also offer discounts for those who are willing to take a safety class as well. This can help to save you money in the long run. 

Are Safety Classes Required By Law?

Motorcycle safety classes are not often required by law. However, it can help to make you a safer biker on the road, which benefits everyone. 

If you would like to learn about motorcycle insurance coverage, please contact us at Wise Insurance Agency serving Ft. Wayne, IN and the surrounding areas. 

How to prepare your boat for a storm

Preparing your boat for an oncoming storm is crucial to ensure the safety of you and your boat. Here are a few tips from us at Wise Insurance Agency to ensure that you are adequately prepared while in the Ft. Wayne, IN area or anywhere you set sail.

How to prepare your boat for a storm

1.) Check out the forecast

Before heading out on the water, it is always best to check out weather forecasts so that you can plan accordingly. If a storm is expected, proceed with caution or reschedule your voyage until after the storm passes.

2.) Secure loose items

You want to make sure any loose items such as sails, halyards, or ropes are securely tied down in order to prevent them from becoming hazardous projectiles due to strong winds. Additionally, it’s important to cover and secure any fragile items like electronics or fuel tanks to protect them from potential damage. 

3.) Anchor safely

Choose a location that has plenty of shelter from high winds and waves to anchor more securely. Make sure that your anchor rope is long enough and securely attached so that it won’t break away during the storm. 

4.) Prepare a ‘storm kit’

Keeping essential items such as extra supplies (food & water), flashlights, life jackets, etc. stored together near the entrance of the boat will keep them easily accessible during an emergency situation caused by foul weather conditions. 

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By taking these precautions before setting off on your voyage, you can be confident knowing you have done all that’s necessary to prepare for any upcoming storms and stay safe while out on the open waters!  For more tips, and for the best insurance coverage for your watercraft, call us at the Wise Insurance Agency today. We proudly serve the Ft. Wayne, IN area.

Should I Consider Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is not a requirement for those who live in the Ft. Wayne, IN region, though it is an option many consider to protect them in various avenues of life. Your Wise Insurance Agency representative can further help you determine what types of umbrella insurance to consider. 

Why Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is designed to work together with policies that you have already procured, and this means that there are available indemnifications for almost every major insurance category. 

Your standard indemnification will carry limits to protect you against various covered perils, but when these caps are reached, your umbrella insurance will begin to pay for expenses. These ceilings are typically much higher than your primary policy and can extend into millions of dollars. 

If your company does business in a manner that can see lawsuits of exorbitant amounts, for example, an umbrella insurance policy is one way to make sure you won’t be bankrupted by a product or service failure. Another benefit of umbrella insurance is that it will contain other insurance subtypes to cover additional types of hazards. 

People who own specialty vehicles, rare, or hard-to-replace cars may opt for a higher coverage value due to the unlikely scenario that regular automobile insurance can completely cover costs. 

Likewise, if your home is particularly valuable or you own items that are heirlooms or costly, umbrella insurance may be a good choice. This same principle can also apply to renters insurance, as your personal possessions will be a consideration in the coverage you choose. 

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We can put together a specialized insurance package to meet your every need, and we invite you to speak to one of our trained associates to discuss the particulars of your situation. We serve clients who live in and around the Ft. Wayne, IN area. 

What to Consider When Insuring a Used Car

A thorough, current car insurance policy is more than just a good idea for Ft. Wayne, IN drivers. It’s illegal to drive any car without it, and this includes used vehicles. Here’s what to consider when talking to your Wise Insurance Agency representative about which policy is best for you.

Insuring a Used Car

You can add your used car to an existing policy

If you already own other vehicles, it’s usually possible to add a used car you’re thinking about purchasing to your existing policy. But you may wish to talk to your insurance agent before doing so. They’ll be able to help you figure out which option is the best fit for your household’s unique needs.

You may need insurance to drive your car off the lot

In most states, it’s illegal to drive a car without insurance in the state of Indiana. And, yes, this technically includes driving it off the lot once you’ve purchased it. In fact, most dealerships will expect you to prove you’re insured before allowing you to do so, so you’ll want to get your auto insurance squared away before finalizing your purchase.

Your age may affect your rate

Many factors can affect the final rate attached to your used car’s auto insurance policy, but age is one many drivers forget to consider. In many cases, rates go up for higher-risk age groups, like senior citizens and young drivers. But some factors – like spotless driving records – can help offset risk factors, so ask your agent to assess your situation.

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Overall, it’s often cheaper and easier to insure a used Ft. Wayne, IN car than it is a newer model, as they’re generally not as valuable. But some makes or models may cost more than others, just as with new vehicles. Get in touch with your Wise Insurance Agency agent today to discuss your options!

4 Benefits of Condo Insurance

Condominiums are gaining popularity in the US as a means of acquiring shelter or investment. Regrettably, many Ft. Wayne, IN residents assume that purchasing condo insurance isn’t necessary because they have the condo association (COA) policy.

The master policy held by the condo association is not enough to guarantee maximum coverage for your condo. Therefore, buying condo insurance from Wise Insurance Agency is prudent to safeguard your assets and other areas of your life.

Here are the benefits of condo insurance:

Condo insurance safeguards you from lawsuits

Have you ever wondered what can transpire when a visitor is injured while residing on your property, and they sue you? Condo insurance caters to legal fees and other awarded damages to the third party if they file a case.

It covers your assets

Your COA policy covers your condo’s exterior. However, you are responsible for the damage to your assets and the condo’s interior. If you want to protect your furniture, electronics, and other assets, please invest in condo insurance.

It helps to cover medical expenses

What happens if your guests slip and break their legs while residing within your condominium complex? If any guest gets injured within your condominium, condo insurance caters to medical costs that might have been incurred. It also extends coverage to any injury inflicted by your pet or family member, irrespective of where that injury happens.

It provides loss-of-use coverage

What happens when your condominium gets damaged and becomes uninhabitable? Worry not because condo insurance caters to additional expenses, such as accommodation fees and food, while your condo is being repaired or rebuilt.

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