Do I need Condo Insurance In Indiana?

Living in a condo in Indiana has its advantages – talk of hassle-free parking, cooperative living, common areas’ maintenance, and so forth. But with all the goodies that come with condos, owners have to contend with condo insurance. At Wise Insurance Agency, situated in Ft. Wayne, IN, we always get these condo owners’ questions: do I need condo insurance? Isn’t my condo already insured with the condo association insurance?

Are you curious to find out? Please hang on.

Why you need condo insurance

While your condo is covered with the condo association insurance, you still need to purchase a condo owner’s policy. Condo association’s master policy covers your premises’ physical structure and common areas, but not the contents in your condo. As such, you need to obtain condo insurance (HO-6) because of your unique needs.

What does condo insurance cover?

When you purchase condominium insurance from us, it will cover you in the following areas:

Personal property protection

Because condos are close to each other, there is always the risk of fire that can damage your personal stuff. Additionally, theft and vandalism risks are never far from us. While you may devise security measures to thwart intruders, you may not keep them away entirely. 

Fortunately, when your personal belongings are damaged or stolen, your condo insurance can save the day by compensating for the loss. And even when damage is from other risks like water seepage, hails, lightning, and so forth, your HO-6 should bail you out.

Protection from liability claims

Since accidents happen, someone might get injured in the common areas. Here, the condo’s master policy should pay for the liability claims. However, if a guest slips or falls on your premises, your condo insurance covers the guest’s medical costs. And if they go ahead and sue you for negligence, your condo insurance pays for the legal expenses.

Need condo insurance? At Wise Insurance Agency, located in Ft. Wayne, IN, we have the experience and expertise to find the right condo insurance appropriate for you. Contact us today for all your condo insurance solutions.

Types of renters insurance

Though no state advocates for renters insurance as a mandatory requirement, it’s a prudent idea to purchase renters insurance to protect your possession against certain damages and theft. In some instances, landlords in Ft. Wayne, IN may require tenants to show proof of renters insurance as part of the legal agreement between the landlord and the tenant.

No matter what type of place you rent in Indiana, whether it’s a duplex or a high rise, your renter’s insurance policy can offer protection to your finances if the unexpected happens. Connect with us at Wise Insurance Agency in Ft. Wayne, IN today to get a fast custom quote and learn more about choosing the right renter’s insurance policy that fits your needs and budget.

One of Ft. Wayne, IN tenants’ top priorities is protecting their space and personal possession from the unexpected. Your landlord’s renters policy does not cover everything leaving you with no other option but to buy renters insurance to guarantee protection against events like water backup damage, fire, vandalism, and other prevailing perils.

With a Wise Insurance Agency renters insurance policy, you enjoy inner peace of mind by knowing that your belongings are covered if they are stolen or destroyed by covered perils. Visit us at our Wise Insurance Agency offices and speak to our agents about obtaining a renters insurance quote.

Types of renters insurance at Wise Insurance Agency.

  • Content coverage: This policy protects your clothing, furniture, and other items from covered losses.
  • Loss of use coverage: This offers reimbursement for additional living expenses when your house is uninhabitable after a covered loss strikes.
  • Personal liability policy: It caters to property damage or bodily injury resulting from an accident at your residence.
  • Medical payments coverage: This helps to cater to medical or funeral expenses for anyone injured while on your property.
  • Building additions and alterations: This policy pays for covered damages to betterments, alterations, fixtures, or installations that you make in your house.
  • Valuables plus coverage: This form of the policy provides additional protection for high-value items such as jewelry, antiques, and fine arts.

Looking for the best renters insurance in Ft. Wayne, IN? Call or visit our Wise Insurance Agency offices and get comprehensive information about renters insurance.

How Does Motorcycle Insurance Work?

Here at the Wise Insurance Agency serving the Ft. Wayne, IN area, we’ve seen time and time again just how important motorcycle insurance can be. Please keep reading to learn more about motorcycle insurance, including what it is, who needs it, and where to find the best policy. 

What Is Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance provides coverage in much the same way as regular auto insurance. If you own a motorcycle and are involved in an accident, your motorcycle insurance policy would kick in and help pay for damages and medical expenses. Some motorcycle insurance policies also provide coverage for damages such as those endured from theft. 

Who Needs Motorcycle Insurance?

Anyone who owns a motorcycle will greatly benefit from having motorcycle insurance coverage. If the motorcycle is involved in an accident or stolen, then an insurance policy may be able to compensate for some or all of the loss.

Is It Required by Law to Have Motorcycle Insurance?

It may or may not be required by law for you to have insurance on your motorcycle. The exact laws that apply to you and your situation depend on where the motorcycle is registered with the DMV. It also matters where you will ride the motorcycle. Different states have different laws, so it’s generally best to speak with an insurance agent to identify your exact needs for motorcycle insurance. 

Where Is the Best Place to Find Insurance for a Motorcycle?

If you would like to learn more about motorcycle insurance, please contact the Wise Insurance Agency serving the Ft. Wayne, IN area today. One of our agents can help you customize a policy that meets your exact needs. 

What Is Boat Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Boat insurance is the type of insurance that provides coverage both for you and your boat/watercraft if something unexpected happens. Usually, most policies include coverage for damages to a boat and the equipment and damage to someone else’s property or boats. In most cases, boat insurance covers all types of boats equipped with engines, but not all boat insurance policies cover personal watercraft, such as jet skis, WaveRunners, or wave jammers. 

The purpose of boat insurance is to protect your boat everywhere – out in the water,  overland, and even into storage. 

In general, most boat insurance policies are created to cover: 

  • Bodily injuries resulting from the boat
  • Property damage to your boat
  • Property damage caused by your boat (for example, if you cause a boat accident and someone is injured). 

Why Do I Need Boat Insurance?

The main reason is financial security. For example, if an accident happens and you carry proper boat insurance, you will have to pay the deductible, while your insurance will cover the remaining expenses. However, if you do not have insurance, you will have to pay for all damages and repairs out of pocket, which could be quite expensive. Moreover, you may be responsible for paying someone else’s medical bills if someone gets injured on your boat. 

Some home insurance policies include boat coverage as well. However, it is always better to purchase boat insurance separately. A separate policy provides you with more options for specialized protection. That includes coverage under more situations, medical payments coverage, and increased physical damage limits. 

If you are a boat owner in Ft. Wayne, IN, boat insurance is what you need. By having this type of insurance, you know that both you and your boat are protected. If you live in Ft. Wayne, IN, or any other surrounding areas, Wise Insurance Agency is ready to help you. Give Wise Insurance Agency a call and talk to one of the insurance agents, who will be glad to answer all of your questions. 

Why Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

Insurance Coverage Types

There are many, many types of insurance, but most people only need a few. Auto and homeowners’ insurance are common for the population, but there can be problems with these. They don’t tend to offer much liability coverage for the insured. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in to fill the gap. If you are interested in an umbrella insurance policy, contact us at Wise Insurance Agency in Ft. Wayne, IN to talk to an agent about this coverage.

Auto and Home Liability

An umbrella policy is generally not a stand-alone policy. It is taken out after your home, and auto insurance policies are in place. Because it can be so expensive to raise your liability coverage with those policies, many people go with the bare minimum liability coverage. It may mean lower rates, but it often means that a single accident or calamity can bankrupt a person when they are found at fault and must pay medical bills and other expenses. 

Umbrella Insurance

Because of the low liability amounts on those policies, many people choose to up their insurance coverage with an umbrella policy. This adds another layer to the liability insurance of both the home and auto policies. Once the home or auto insurance has paid out its maximum amount, the umbrella policy pays out up to its maximum coverage. This gives you many times more liability coverage, and it can protect your financial future should there be a serious occurrence that you are liable for. 

Get Your Umbrella Policy

If you’re interested in getting an umbrella policy to boost your liability coverage, call us at Wise Insurance Agency in Ft. Wayne, IN for an appointment to discuss it with an agent.

Auto Insurance for Beginners

If you’re driving a new car on the Ft. Wayne, IN roads for the first time or are upgrading your car, then it’s crucial that you know the bare minimum about auto insurance. Since just about every state requires you to have a minimum amount of coverage on your vehicle, you should know how you can be covered with auto insurance. Learn the ins and outs of auto insurance basics with Wise Insurance Agency and visit us for a consultation. 

What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

Auto insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial coverage if you get into an automotive accident. You don’t have to pay for all of the repair costs or other costs out of your own pocket this way. Here are some areas in which auto insurance can provide coverage for you: 

  • Liability
  • Injury 
  • Repair costs
  • Property damage
  • Damage done to another driver’s car

These are just some of the areas in which auto insurance can provide you coverage. The specific amount and type of coverage you receive will depend on the auto insurance policy you choose. For a consultation on what policy is best, contact Wise Insurance Agency for advice. 

Importance of Auto Insurance

Not only is it legally required in just about every state to have auto insurance, but it is also vital to your financial recovery in the case of an auto accident. Even the bare minimum coverage type, liability, is great to have in case you get into an accident since liability protects you if the accident was your fault. Having coverage provides a sense of relief when you get into an accident, so all you have to do is worry about recovering.

Visit Wise Insurance Agency to Get Covered

When it’s time to find the right auto insurance policy for you, visit Wise Insurance Agency. Our office proudly serves the Ft. Wayne, IN area.