The Consequences of Driving Without Auto Insurance

Some people believe they don’t necessarily need auto insurance because they think they’re safe enough drivers and can avoid it. But while you may not get in an accident right away, there can still be serious repercussions for driving without auto insurance no matter the reason why you’ve avoided getting coverage thus far. If you’re driving without auto insurance in the Ft. Wayne, IN area or thinking about it, here’s what you need to know about the consequences of driving without auto insurance and why you should approach us at Wise Insurance Agency for help securing coverage immediately. 

What Are the Consequences of Driving Without Auto Insurance?

The most substantial risk you face when driving without auto insurance is getting in an accident. Even if it’s just a minor one and both parties can walk away from the encounter unscathed, the other driver will want to be compensated for the damages that occurred during the accident. If you don’t have insurance coverage on your side, you’re going to have to pay out of pocket for those repairs. If a driver is injured, the costs can be even greater. 

But let’s imagine you never get in an accident. Would you be okay then? Not necessarily. If you get pulled over and the police find you’re driving without insurance, you could be penalized hundreds of dollars or more, something you’re likely unable to afford if you’re driving without insurance. Put, driving without insurance comes with far more consequences than benefits. 

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Insuring Older Cars In Comparison To Newer Cars

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to auto insurance is that newer cars are going to be more expensive to insure compared to older cars. Some older cars can be pricey to insure. If you are trying to insure an older car and it costs more than you expected, there are a couple of key reasons why this may be. Read along as we at Wise Insurance Agency, providing auto insurance to residents in the greater Ft. Wayne, IN area explain why.

Factors Behind Insuring An Older Car

Easier to Steal

One of the reasons why older cars may be pricier to insure is their increased vulnerability to theft. Older cars often lack the advanced security features that newer models have, making them easier targets for thieves. The higher risk of theft translates into higher insurance premiums, as insurance companies need to account for the potential losses associated with vehicle theft.

Lack of Safety Features

Another factor contributing to the higher insurance costs for older cars is the absence or limited availability of modern safety features. Newer vehicles come equipped with advanced safety technologies such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), lane departure warning systems, and collision avoidance systems. These features are designed to reduce the likelihood and severity of accidents. In contrast, older cars may lack such safety enhancements, making them more susceptible to accidents and higher insurance claims.

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What to Consider When Insuring a Used Car

A thorough, current car insurance policy is more than just a good idea for Ft. Wayne, IN drivers. It’s illegal to drive any car without it, and this includes used vehicles. Here’s what to consider when talking to your Wise Insurance Agency representative about which policy is best for you.

Insuring a Used Car

You can add your used car to an existing policy

If you already own other vehicles, it’s usually possible to add a used car you’re thinking about purchasing to your existing policy. But you may wish to talk to your insurance agent before doing so. They’ll be able to help you figure out which option is the best fit for your household’s unique needs.

You may need insurance to drive your car off the lot

In most states, it’s illegal to drive a car without insurance in the state of Indiana. And, yes, this technically includes driving it off the lot once you’ve purchased it. In fact, most dealerships will expect you to prove you’re insured before allowing you to do so, so you’ll want to get your auto insurance squared away before finalizing your purchase.

Your age may affect your rate

Many factors can affect the final rate attached to your used car’s auto insurance policy, but age is one many drivers forget to consider. In many cases, rates go up for higher-risk age groups, like senior citizens and young drivers. But some factors – like spotless driving records – can help offset risk factors, so ask your agent to assess your situation.

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Overall, it’s often cheaper and easier to insure a used Ft. Wayne, IN car than it is a newer model, as they’re generally not as valuable. But some makes or models may cost more than others, just as with new vehicles. Get in touch with your Wise Insurance Agency agent today to discuss your options!

Do I Need Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

As an Ft. Wayne, IN resident, you may be wondering if you need comprehensive auto insurance. The answer is—maybe. While comprehensive coverage is not required by law in Indiana, it can be beneficial in certain situations. Wise Insurance Agency provides this guide in navigating comprehensive auto insurance and when it’s necessary.

What is Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Comprehensive auto insurance is a type of coverage that protects you from damage to your vehicle, whether it’s your fault or not. This can include harm from weather, fire, theft, or vandalism. If your car is totaled in an accident, your comprehensive insurance will also payout.

When is Comprehensive Insurance Required?

The state doesn’t require drivers to have comprehensive insurance, but your lender will probably need it if you’re still paying off your car. They want to make sure their investment is protected in case of an accident. A Wise Insurance Agency representative can help you understand your options if you’re still paying off your car.

If you’re not required to have comprehensive insurance and don’t have a loan on your vehicle, you might still want to consider it. That’s because comprehensive coverage can save you a lot of money in the long run if your car is damaged in an accident or stolen.

How Much Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cost?

The cost of comprehensive insurance will vary depending on your car, your driving record, and where you live. Your deductible amount also plays a role in how much you pay for coverage.

Your best bet is to speak with a Wise Insurance Agency representative serving the greater Ft. Wayne, IN community about your specific needs. We can help you find the right policy for your vehicle and budget.

Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Rate

When buying car insurance, there isn’t one set price for everyone. In fact, depending on many factors, you could pay more or less than someone else. 

Here are some factors that can affect your car insurance rate. 

Where you live. Insurance is more expensive in the city compared to rural areas. Cars are more likely to be broken into and stolen within the city limits. Accidents are also more common due to the traffic. 

Your driving record. Your insurance will go up if you have gotten into any accidents recently. You may also go up if you have gotten a ticket for any reason. 

Your gender. Insurance for males is often more expensive since they are more likely to be involved in car accidents. 

Your age. Certain age groups are also more expensive. Newer drivers should expect to pay more money for their insurance than their parents. 

Your marital status. Car insurance rates are lower for married couples compared to single people. 

Your vehicle. Older vehicles are cheaper than brand-new ones. Also, sports cars and luxury vehicles will cost more, because they are more expensive to replace. 

Use of the vehicle. If you drive a lot of miles, you should expect to pay more than someone who barely uses their car. 

Any prior insurance. You could also pay more if you lost your automobile insurance for some reason or another. If your insurance was canceled because you didn’t pay, you are going to have to pay more money now. 

The best way to make sure that you aren’t paying too much for your car insurance is to talk to a professional. If you are in Ft. Wayne, IN, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Wise Insurance Agency.  

How Auto Insurance Covers Custom Vehicles

For over 20 years, Wise Insurance Agency has served the Ft. Wayne, IN community. We offer our clients flexible policies designed to meet their needs at all times. We work closely with several carriers to help our clients find unique coverage. We proudly serve the Midwest as an independent insurance agency.

How Auto Insurance Covers Custom Vehicles

As you travel around Ft. Wayne, IN, auto insurance helps you stay protected. There are multiple risks that you face on the road, including the actions of different drivers and the unique road conditions. Auto insurance covers your vehicle if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle or an object. You can add comprehensive coverage to protect you if your vehicle is stolen, vandalized, and damaged due to a fire or inclement weather. If you have a custom vehicle, you should look into a more comprehensive policy.

Adding custom parts and equipment coverage to your auto insurance policy covers any damage to the custom parts, equipment, and other changes to your vehicle. Common examples include wheels, tires, electronics, chrome, and security systems. Having this layer of coverage can give you peace of mind if something happens to your vehicle. Before adding custom coverage, talk to your insurer. Read over the terms of your original policy carefully. Take inventory of every custom item that you have installed on your vehicle. Remember that any damage to unique seats, trailers, fog lights, custom roofs, and mechanical features such as suspensions are covered under the custom coverage. 

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Auto Insurance for Beginners

If you’re driving a new car on the Ft. Wayne, IN roads for the first time or are upgrading your car, then it’s crucial that you know the bare minimum about auto insurance. Since just about every state requires you to have a minimum amount of coverage on your vehicle, you should know how you can be covered with auto insurance. Learn the ins and outs of auto insurance basics with Wise Insurance Agency and visit us for a consultation. 

What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

Auto insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial coverage if you get into an automotive accident. You don’t have to pay for all of the repair costs or other costs out of your own pocket this way. Here are some areas in which auto insurance can provide coverage for you: 

  • Liability
  • Injury 
  • Repair costs
  • Property damage
  • Damage done to another driver’s car

These are just some of the areas in which auto insurance can provide you coverage. The specific amount and type of coverage you receive will depend on the auto insurance policy you choose. For a consultation on what policy is best, contact Wise Insurance Agency for advice. 

Importance of Auto Insurance

Not only is it legally required in just about every state to have auto insurance, but it is also vital to your financial recovery in the case of an auto accident. Even the bare minimum coverage type, liability, is great to have in case you get into an accident since liability protects you if the accident was your fault. Having coverage provides a sense of relief when you get into an accident, so all you have to do is worry about recovering.

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