What to Consider When Insuring a Used Car

A thorough, current car insurance policy is more than just a good idea for Ft. Wayne, IN drivers. It’s illegal to drive any car without it, and this includes used vehicles. Here’s what to consider when talking to your Wise Insurance Agency representative about which policy is best for you.

Insuring a Used Car

You can add your used car to an existing policy

If you already own other vehicles, it’s usually possible to add a used car you’re thinking about purchasing to your existing policy. But you may wish to talk to your insurance agent before doing so. They’ll be able to help you figure out which option is the best fit for your household’s unique needs.

You may need insurance to drive your car off the lot

In most states, it’s illegal to drive a car without insurance in the state of Indiana. And, yes, this technically includes driving it off the lot once you’ve purchased it. In fact, most dealerships will expect you to prove you’re insured before allowing you to do so, so you’ll want to get your auto insurance squared away before finalizing your purchase.

Your age may affect your rate

Many factors can affect the final rate attached to your used car’s auto insurance policy, but age is one many drivers forget to consider. In many cases, rates go up for higher-risk age groups, like senior citizens and young drivers. But some factors – like spotless driving records – can help offset risk factors, so ask your agent to assess your situation.

Get Auto Insurance Today

Overall, it’s often cheaper and easier to insure a used Ft. Wayne, IN car than it is a newer model, as they’re generally not as valuable. But some makes or models may cost more than others, just as with new vehicles. Get in touch with your Wise Insurance Agency agent today to discuss your options!